My Top 3 Favorite YouTube Fitness Channels

Following home workout videos from YouTube is a great way for beginners to start their fitness journey. With the COVID-19 pandemic, more people have turned to fitness influencers for guidance and inspiration. In this post I will be sharing my top 3 favorite Youtube fitness channels, covering their special characteristics, workout styles, difficulty/intensity, and more.

1. Lilly Sabri


+ Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced

+ Video length: 7 minutes to 1 hour

+ Equipment: Usually resistance bands & weights

+ Characteristics: Talks you through the workout, energetic, encouraging

Ever since I discovered Lilly Sabri in the beginning of quarantine, she has become my #1 favorite fitness YouTuber. She has a wide variety of workout styles and video lengths targeting all muscle groups (and some you didn’t even know existed before). She always has easier, modifications for beginners, as well as tougher variations for those who are more advanced. You can complete her workouts without any equipment (and some videos are designed that way), but she also loves to add resistance bands and weights for that extra burn. My favorite characteristic of Lilly is her INSANELY bubbly and uplifting personality. She is always encouraging you to persevere through the workouts, but also advocates for understanding where your own limits are. Her mindset about fitness is centered around self-love and self-care, without any of the toxic diet culture mentality.

Some workout styles she covers in her videos include:

+ Pilates

+ HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Cardio

+ Cardio Boxing

+ Weights vs. Cardio

Her videos range between 7 minutes to 1 hour long, which is perfect for when you have a tight schedule, or when you have more time on your hands! I love training my lower body, so I usually gravitate towards those videos more. However, she has videos for all muscle groups.

She also offers free workout guides and recipes on her website, and has created her own brand of resistance bands. I have personally purchased her adjustable resistance band and her HIIT band, and they have CHANGED me. They can be used for lower body activation, and also just increase the intensity of the burn in general.

2. Pamela Reif


+ Difficulty: Beginner to Intermediate

+ Video length: 10-20 minutes

+ Equipment: None, sometimes resistance bands or weights

+ Characteristics: No breaks, no talking, good music, good variety

I followed Pamela Reif a lot when I first started my fitness journey. Her workout videos are very straightforward and she usually doesn’t talk in them. The main characteristic that makes Pamela’s workouts burn so much? No breaks. With the other fitness YouTubers I follow, there is usually at least a 5-second break in between different moves. For Pamela, we’re lucky if we get a break! This can be brutal at times, but it really builds your endurance and willpower to continue through the burn.

Her workouts are usually around 10-20 minutes, with her live videos going up to 30 minutes at times. She also posts fun dance workouts that make you sweat and burn some calories. Many of her workouts don’t require equipment, but as always, you can add resistance bands and weights to increase the difficulty. My personal favorites are her ab workouts, and without the breaks, my abs really feel like they’re on fire.

Pamela also has specific workouts that cater to certain obstacles. For example, she has:

+ no-jumping workouts: for people who live in apartments

+ low-impact workouts: for those who need to take it a little easier

+ knee-friendly workouts: for those who may be injured

3. Caroline Girvan


+ Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced

+ Video length: 30 minutes to 1 hour

+ Equipment: Resistance bands and weights

+ Characteristics: No talking, HARD and effective workouts, free guides

Caroline, oh Caroline. Caroline Girvan is a newer fitness YouTuber, but her workouts go HARD. I would say her workout videos are more for people who are on the intermediate to advanced level. Her workouts are longer, on an average of 30 minutes to 1 hour, but she does have shorter ones around 10-15 minutes. Most of her workouts use weights and resistance, but of course, you could go without them if you need to. I once tried one of her Tabata-style HIIT workouts, and I was sore for DAYSS.

Her workouts include:


+ Supersets

+ Muscle isolation

+ Complexes

Her free workout program is called EPIC, and she is in the process of creating EPIC II because of how popular the first series was. You can find the free guides on her website.

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